Friday, July 1, 2016

A love story beyond the infinite

A love story beyond the infinite
The writer Michel Faber, September 20, 2015, in Pordenone, Italy. - MIRCO TONIOLO / AGF / SIPA
Love and faith are at the heart of this book strange and new things (the Olive Tree Publishing, 23.50 euros). Normal, since this is how the extraterrestrials, with a predilection for the New Testament, nicknamed the Bible. But no need to be a Christian to enjoy this touching novel Michel Faber. It is for those who have never doubted the value of empathy.

A hero among three worlds
A couple about to be separated. Awkwardly and with passion, they make love in a car. So begins The Book of strange things and new. Peter Leigh was selected by a powerful organization to evangelize an alien society on Oasis, a distant planet. This implies that he must leave behind his wife Beatrice, that meeting, he had abandoned his addiction to become a pastor. On this planet, he discovered both the fleece operation, almost suffocating, human settlement and the strange customs of the natives, the oasis. Meanwhile, on Earth, companies are collapsing with blows of natural disasters, wars and economic collapse.

A love separated by light years
The Book of strange things and new moves by describing the removal of this couple separated by light years. They can not see, they can not call. Their only means of communication is writing. At the heart of the book, the correspondence between Peter and his wife is the only tenuous thread that still keeps them together. But words, a past and a common faith they are sufficient to keep their relationship intact?

Faith to the test
Peter was overwhelmed by the pure desire shown by the oasis to know the Bible and embrace the message of the sacred text. But the ardor of his faith gradually tested by the messages of increasingly desperate Beatrice sends him. Michel Faber, he lost his writing his novel. "I wanted this book to be the saddest thing I've ever written," he confided in 2014 to the New York Times. As he put the finishing touches on the book, his second wife, Eva, with whom he shared his life for 26 years died of cancer. Michel Faber assured that this book would be the last. In dedication, he wrote: "For Eva, always."

An atypical author
Scarlett Johansson and Michel Faber have nothing in common, except that the actress starred in a film adaptation of a book by the Dutch writer. With his first novel published in 2000, Under the Skin, readers discovered a writer unusual path. Born in The Hague in the Netherlands, he moved to 7 years with his family in Australia. At the University of Melbourne, he studied philosophy and English literature. It connects with various odd jobs and becoming a caregiver, before returning to settle in Scotland.

Between tale and science fiction
Michel Faber's novels defy classification attempt, in the image of his bestseller. The Purple Rose and lily. The Book of strange and new things  no exception. Is it a story? Is it a fiction novel? Is a big jump in space justifies a work to be cataloged like science fiction? Michel Faber is his novel in our time or in the near future. But it does not bother detail to ensure credibility to his story. Or not it adheres. For this, we adhere!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The tunnel of the former St. Joseph Hospital

The tunnel of the former St. Joseph Hospital
On the floor of the hall, a mosaic recalls the original function of the building. PHOTO: MATHIEU ALLARD
The City of Greater Sudbury has some unusual places. Of these, rumor that a tunnel exists between the current Villa Red Oak and the building that houses the Diocese of Sault Ste Marie, on Chemin Sainte-Anne in downtown Sudbury. The tunnel does exist and we have visited for you! Formerly host of the St. Joseph Hospital, a beacon for the francophone community in Sudbury, the building now houses a home for retirees. Right behind is a large building over five floors in yellow brick that houses the Diocese of Sault Ste Marie.

At one time, the building welcomed students to the formation of "nurse" of the St. Elizabeth School. It is in this way that we designated the nurses at the time. The tunnel therefore served them to go directly from their residence to the hospital.

Jeannine Larcher Lalande, a resident of the neighborhood Mill flowers, lived there for three years during his training. She remembers through the tunnel every day during those years. "Usually we put two and two, because it was a bit scary to cross. " She said the tunnel has changed since. The floor is much less rough at the time and, especially, the lighting is best.

The tunnel of the former St. Joseph Hospital
The tunnel has undergone some slight changes over the years. Among other things, the lighting was added. PHOTO: MATHIEU ALLARD
She still maintains links with many of the women she has known in the classrooms of the St. Elizabeth School. She was keen to take part in the visit of the tunnel. For her, the fact of walking again was a way to pay tribute to all those women that have circulated in the corridor to go heal the sick at St. Joseph Hospital.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Batman car officially comes out from his cave in Winnipeg

A Batman car officially comes out from his cave in Winnipeg
A Manitoba man has spent the last two years to build a replica of the Batman car. PHOTO: CBC / HOLLY CARUK
A Manitoba man who spent the last two years to build a replica of the car of Batman, the antihero of the franchise DC Comics, finally released his Batmobile his cave at the show Autorama/World of Wheels in Winnipeg late week. To rebuild the car, Rod Warkentin completely dismantled a Lincoln Town Car 1979. He estimates spending about 350 hours to go from scratch icon of popular culture. The Batmobile Mr. Warkentin is modeled on the 1966 prototype, and includes a "batphone" radar, beacon, as well as braking parachutes, among other details.

The Batmobile M.Warkentin is modeled on the 1966 prototype, and includes a batphone, a radar, a flashing light and reversing parachutes, among other details. The only feature of the original Batmobile that does not appear in this reincarnation? Flamethrowers at the rear of the vehicle, the manufacturer omitted for obvious security reasons.

He also had to install a backup camera, because there were no mirrors in the original design of the car. With a few last small detail, Mr. Warkentin says his project is complete. However, the vehicle does not conform to the code of road safety. Batman The amateur reports that he is in contact with the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation order to register their car and ensure it is properly secured.

"I hope we can get her out of his cave a few times this summer. We'll probably do a tour of the auto show, "he says.

A Batman car officially comes out from his cave in Winnipeg
Warkentin Rod turned a Lincoln Town Car in Batmobile   PHOTO: CBC / HOLLY CARUK
A"dream-bat" directed
The craze Rod Warkentin for the car of the masked Avenger began in the 60s At 12, the Winnipegger is staring at the television every Saturday to listen to the Batman television series in which the actor Adam West embodied the role of the eponymous character.

"I've always dreamed about this car, admits he. When I was a kid, it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. And there, about 40 years later, I finally have one. " He attributes the success of his project with his friends and the support of his wife. My wife is the most understanding woman and the most patient I've ever encountered, and I profusely thank for being too lenient.

"Of course she loves the car, he joked. She is eager to take a ride in the Batmobile in his costume Batgirl! " However, do not expect that Warkentin Rod dons the famous black cape of the masked knight. "The car was amazing, but the costume of Adam West was much less. "

A Batman car officially comes out from his cave in Winnipeg
The only feature of the original Batmobile that does not appear in this reincarnation is the flamethrower on the back of the vehicle, the manufacturer omitted for obvious security reasons.   PHOTO: CBC / HOLLY CARUK

Sunday, June 12, 2016

He sells canned sand and fog of Prince Edward Island

He sells canned sand and fog of Prince Edward Island
These small sand boxes of Prince Edward Island. Georgetown will be sold by a contractor in mid-May. PHOTO: TRANQUILITY COVE ADVENTURES
The operator of a tourism business Georgetown in eastern Prince Edward Island, will soon sell to tourists sand and fog of canned Island. Perry Gotell Own Tranquility Cove Adventures, says answer a demand of tourists. "People like to a souvenir," he explains. The sand will come from a pile created as a result of dredging. There is no question, he says, to plunder the beautiful Island beaches.

Regarding the fog, he intends to travel to the coast, foggy days, and reap it personally. On foggy days, you will see me at the end of the dock with my boxes [to harvest fog]. The boxes will be smaller, he said humorously, "because we do not want, when you open it, you lose in a room."

Perry Gotell, whose company offers adventures on the water and on the beach, has not yet definitely fixed the price of its sand boxes and fog, but plans to sell 5 to $ 10. They will be offered to tourists in mid-May.

Friday, June 10, 2016

A giant study proves: friendship is the key to happiness and health

A giant study proves: friendship is the key to happiness and health

Science has confirmed it: neither wealth nor fame are not worth a good friend You are rich? You are famous? It will not prevent you from having a rotten health, even as your old classmates who have anonymously pointed at the factory or scraped paper for cheap lifelong displayed an insolent health at the time of retirement sounds . Since them, we love them for real. This is the conclusion that can be drawn from a study led by Professor Robert Waldinger and reported by the Washington Post.

Robert Waldinger, a psychiatrist at Harvard, took over in 2003 the management of the Grant Study. For over seventy years that the US government spends millions for this program the results of which were not known to the public. Waldinger decided to speak at a Ted conference viewed by over 6.5 million people since November 2015.

This study, the longest ever conducted on human development, began in 1938. That year, the researchers selected Harvard students (including future President Kennedy) to examine the long term every aspect of their lives. In the 1970s, the research team began to work with another team that led since 1940 the same kind of study of young men from poor neighborhoods of Boston. All were men, all were white, but their social status was very different.

The study initially had 724 participants. There remains some sixty, all aged over 90 years. For over seventy years, the physical and emotional well-being of these men is assessed every two years. Waldinger refers humorously participants from disadvantaged neighborhoods in Boston regularly ask why researchers are interested in their lives, they feel they have no interest, while former Harvard never ask this question! If the study on the scale of a human life has to draw many conclusions, it appears that one of them is different from all others: the participants of the happiest and healthier groups are those who have maintained over their lives close and intimate relationships with other people, whether friendly relations, romantic or within their community.

Waldinger was reached this conclusion long ago when he became the fourth director of the study in 2003. Its first step was then to convene the wives of participants still alive and to study the impact of their married life their health to them. Conclusion: the happiest married were happier in general and especially healthier than others.

Ted in his conference, Waldinger emphasizes that media projections on what makes the happiness and -l'argent gloire- are not the ingredients nor health nor happiness. Yet this is what had answered the youth of the 1940s, when we asked them what would make them happy people. And young 2000s responded exactly the same. It seems that these old and young all these future old do wrong. But beware! All relationships do not work. Facebook friends do not count, for example. And it is not enough not to have a partner: you must be happy with two (if you mouth to your wife for twenty years, so this is bad for his health) and if you have true friends, must be able to rely on it (one who has not made your drill since 1987 have there on your cancer awareness?). Quality over quantity.

The study also demonstrates that the human relations of quality do not affect only physical health but are also good for the memory as the brain ages, and that people who were in life a strong emotional bond, a person on which they can rely, without it being necessarily Bisounours relationship where everything is rosy every day, age better than others. We suspected a bit since the 1930s, science has confirmed it: finally, to be happy and in good health, wealth and fame are not worth a good friend .

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Eating chocolate is good for brain

Eating chocolate is good for brain

This is a great news for chocolate  lovers: a recent study (1) shows that it would be good for the brain. In the mid 1970s, the psychologist Elias Merrill began tracking the cognitive abilities of just over 1,000 people in the state of New York. The initial objective: to study the link between blood pressure and cognitive performance. And this is what they have done for decades.

But 40 years later, they had the idea to focus on the participants' food and then incorporated into the study a questionnaire on eating habits. The responses revealed something interesting: a positive association between chocolate consumption and cognitive performance.

"We found that people who ate chocolate at least once a week tended to have better cognitive performance," says Merrill Elias, "is significant and it affects a number of areas." For example, eating chocolate is associated with a better visuospatial memory, a better working memory or a better abstract reasoning.

Specifically, chocolate lovers will better would remember a phone number, the content of a shopping list or be able to do several things at once. Why chocolate he improves cognitive skills?

We can not say for sure, but it would be through the flavanols contained in cocoa, a sub-family of flavonoids, which are antioxidants. These have a positive effect on the brain. Other psychoactive compounds known to stimulate the brain, such as methylxanthines, are present in chocolate and could cause those results (2). According to Merrill Elias, research will not stop there. For example she will have to look separately the consumption of dark chocolate and milk chocolate.

(1) Georgina E. Crichton, Merrill F. Elias, Ala'a Alkerwi, Chocolate intake is associated with better cognitive function: The Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study, doi: 10.1016 / j.appet.2016.02.010

(2) Elizabeth A. Gaffan, Peter J. Rogers, Hendrik J. Smit, Methylxanthines are the psycho-pharmacologically active constituents of chocolate, November 2004, Volume 176,  Issue 3, pp 412-419

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kanye West harvests a million dollars in two days

Kanye West harvests a million dollars in two days

The ephemeral clothing store Kanye West in New York recorded a record profit in a weekend. What bail out and fill a little deficit. That should please his banker. History to revive its business, Kanye West had installed a pop-up store called Pablo (which takes its name from his latest album The life of Pablo) in the SoHo neighborhood of New York. The chain opened its doors Friday, March 18 and closed the following Sunday. Fans could find a collection of street wear clothing consists of jackets, shirts, hoodies, caps and beanies. All these items were offered for a price ranging from 35-400 dollars.

Upon opening the customers came in number perhaps out of curiosity, but not that. It is clear that they have been too many to get the blue card. Good news for the husband of Kim Kardashian: his small shop would generate a million dollars in profits in just two days.

"They called me crazy and pointed, but no other brand would be able to sell a million of clothes two days in a single point of sale!!! "boasted Kanye on his twitter account. Remarks illustrated by a photo of the impressive tail formed by clients to access the store.

This should help to fill the rapper debt of $53 million and allow him to leave tranquil Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's boss has also never answered his call for help .