Thursday, February 25, 2016

A man planted a carpet of flowers to make his blind wife happy

If this is not love, we do not know what it is. A Japanese man who longed to bring back happiness to the lives of his wife after the blindness make her sullen and withdrawn he has cultivated a huge flower garden outside her home in Japan so she can smell them and thus, smile again. 

A man planted a carpet of flowers to make his blind wife happy

Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki two elderly farmers, living in an ocean of pink flowers attracts more than 7,000 visitors. It all started when the woman lost her sight due to problems arising from the diabetes. She was happy with her husband and two children, fell into depression and refused to leave her home. 

Mr. Kuroki could not bear to see the suffering of his beloved and thought about what he could do to make her cheer. It occurred to plant flowers, classical and infallible gift all in love. But a bouquet is not sufficient, they would have to be many, a carpet of flowers. 

So Kouri began planting the seeds of 'Shibazakura', a species of flower characterized by its strong and beautiful aroma. The old woman was not indifferent to the smell of flowers and began to leave home while the husband not stopped working for two years to complete cover the flower garden.

Kouri work now has become not only bring joy to his wife, but has attracted many tourists from all over the world who come to his home to see the beauty flower carpet.

Creepy sound bother sleeping villagers

Residents of the small town of Forest Grove are held for weeks at night by a mysterious noise. The cause of the weird sound could not even be answered by experts. A shrill, heart rending tone keeps the inhabitants of the small town of Forest Grove in fear and terror. This creepy sound of noises occur only at night, and at irregular intervals.

Creepy sound bother sleeping villagers

As "Oregonlive" reported to have even police and firefighters who have already investigated the case, no logical explanation for the whistling sound that seems to come from the neighboring woods town.

Listen to the sound:

Broken gas lines could be excluded as the gas lines are laid underground in the area. And also railroad tracks, but there are not near the village. Motorists should be able to hear the sound via the radio. The sound is obviously not only now occurring phenomenon, people around Forest Grove should have been perceived in the past.

Tobin Cooley, an audio expert who was called on to help, said: "Normally, the higher frequencies as the sound are to locate directionally clearly, however, low frequency sounds seem to come from everywhere." The expert speculated that the sound could have come by a release of compressed air or gas. But not confirmed yet.

Challenge: Can you find a leopard in this picture?

Through social networking it has viral an image in which it is difficult to locate a leopard. Through the social networks, it comes another viral challenge that promises to test our visual acuity. This time we have to find a leopard that has been hidden in this picture and gave a big surprise to the photographer Julia Sundukova.

Picture challenge: Can you find a leopard in this picture?

At first glance it seems that this is a typical picture of the African savannah, with a close up of two trees, several animals background and even a car that could be part of a tourist route. However, a few meters from the photographer it was a leopard camouflaged practically nor its purpose was able to detect.

Although our eyes are directed first to the lower area of ​​the image, the truth is that where about have to notice that this animal is an expert in camouflage among the vegetation and extremely agile. Have you located it? If your eyes still have not been able to perceive where to find the Leopard image, here's the solution to the puzzle.

Picture challenge: Can you find a leopard in this picture?

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Wtf! A man changed his name to a meal

Bacon Double Cheeseburger, sounds a really weird name, but for a man who live in London (UK), has signed the necessary documents to change his real name, Sam Smith, to "Bacon Double Cheeseburger" (Double Cheeseburger and Bacon).

Wtf! A man changed his name to a meal

In an interview with British newspaper The Evening Standard', Smith said the idea came to him during a party in a conversation about the names, and that was the first thing that came to his mind. And as he says, "he does not regret anything," although his fiancée Isabella not shown so happy.

Wtf! A man changed his name to a meal

He tried to kill his wife when nursing her baby. You will not believe the reason

The morbid jealousy may incite madness, just as happened with Nicholas Lehmeier, who was accused of trying to murder his wife when nursing her newborn, because he did not hold her to spend more time with his baby than him. According to the official version of the wife, the subject of 28 years old tried to shoot when she was feeding her baby, but fortunately the gun jammed, however, the jealous husband take out another type of revolver but missed a shot.

He tried to kill his wife when nursing her baby. You will not believe the reason

Although he had not reached that point, the woman told Minnesota officers, United States, she is suffering from domestic violence, because according to her version, for 10 years she was sexually abused by Nicholas, but for some strange reason, she supported.

Now that the subject attempted murder and their 5 children, she finally dared to denounce the abuser and well bro, keep your family safe from crazy people!

The EU ambassadors warn that Venezuela can not fight Zika

The ambassadors of the countries of the European Union in Caracas, including Spanish, have signed a report claiming that Venezuela is experiencing a "critical" situation in its health sector and is not prepared to deal with an epidemic virus Zika scale, published ABC Spain. The report, which begins by noting that Venezuela walks to the deeper political, economic, social and security crises in recent history, stops to analyze the health situation and highlights the "serious shortage of medicines and medical supplies" and the deterioration of infrastructure.

The EU ambassadors warn that Venezuela can not fight Zika

Specifically, it refers to the lack of basic medicines in many pharmacies and notes that this is favoring the importation of counterfeit or expired medicines, representing an added health hazard. In this context, the report drawn up following meetings with experts from NGOs Codevida, Solidarity and Provide, stops in danger of extension of Zika virus in Venezuela, which he says is especially concerned to neighboring countries such as Brazil and Colombia.

Difficult detection
The diplomats added that in the current context, it is difficult to make clear estimates on the number of affected by the virus in the country and said that although health authorities allowed 4,000 cases recognized by the national laboratory responsible for the detection, there keep in mind that because of the shortage of reagents, the working capacity of the center is very limited. Epidemiologists and NGOs estimate there could be some cases of Zika 400.00 in Venezuela.

The statement said later that while the Venezuelan National Assembly, controlled by the opposition parties said the situation "humanitarian health crisis", the Government of Nicolas Maduro, remains in a "state of non-recognition" of that crisis and ensures that everything goes well the health sector. The ambassadors believe to admit otherwise would be to accept that the Bolivarian revolution is failing.

On day 18, one of his speech, Maduro referred to Zika and said that within 72 hours, had been importing medicines against the virus "for all", which has been challenged by opponents who consider that is not true for the 400,000 cases estimated to exist, but, at most, for officially recognized by the government. Recently, l to health minister even admitted 4,700 and Maduro himself said that he had "5,221 cases suspects, of whom 68 people have complications and are in intensive care." By not admitting the existence of an epidemic, the Bolivarian authorities have deployed prevention campaigns or information about the disease and, although perform some spraying to eliminate the mosquito vector and other Zika desease are few and erratic.

Propaganda accusations
On the contrary, as he often does, Maduro's government insists that the allegations about the existence of epidemics and health crises are part of unconventional warfare propaganda domestic and international counter. The European ambassadors report shows that some elements make it harder to combat the plight of healthcare in Venezuela. Among them, he cites the fragmentation of the public health system, with no central authority at national level, which also complicates the distribution of medicines.

Also it highlights the fact that at least 6,700 doctors from different specialties (20 percent of the public health system), have left the country, while there is a shortage of nurses 60 percent. In view of these shortcomings, the report proposes that deemed possibility of providing assistance to Venezuela, among other things, sending and distribution within the country of medical supplies and medicines.

The photo of Mark Zuckerberg and virtual glasses going viral

An image of Mark Zuckerberg was taken during the first day of Mobile World Congress and has already become the image of Congress.  This haunting image of Mark Zuckerberg has become one of the most talked about of the day on social media themes. It was taken on the first day of Mobile World Congress (MWC), in which the founder of Facebook defended the technology of virtual reality. working day of the

The photo of Mark Zuckerberg and virtual glasses going viral

In that photo, Zuckerberg himself has shared it on his Facebook wall, you can see walking among around 5,000 people who filled the room, and they wore the glasses Gear VR Samsung. In fact, they were so focused that not even realized that their side was passing the founder of the social network most used in the world and were not aware of his presence until Zuckerberg took the stage and began to speak. See walking among around world and they were unaware of his presence until Zuckerberg took the stage and began to speak.

But why this photo is so successful in social networks? The image of Zuckerberg has become viral as l as social networks wonder if this photo is a sort of preview of what will be the world tomorrow, and whether one is coming in future. For now, this picture has been shared about 16,000 times and has more than 240,000 comments on Facebook. Here are some of them:

"Mark, it is not strange to be the only one who walks using his own eyes, while the others are zombies in Matrix?". "It seems the new season of 'Black Mirror'."

"I do not want live in a world like this. I want to be able to touch a flower, smelling it. I want to be able to hug someone and tell I love. I want to see a sunset with a tear on her cheek. I want to be able to feel the breeze on my face, smell the cooking, feel the human connection ... " :)

Nobody wants this job for 360,000 euros a year and three months off

It's funny, but it is assumed that in a context of economic crisis affecting many areas of the globe, gainfully employed 360,000 euros per year should be many claimants. They owed raffle. But it's not like that. A small town in New Zealand is looking for a GP pair its rural clinic, but no one, it seems, is willing to take the plunge, despite the three-month vacation offered as a complement

Tokoroa, New Zealand
A doctor Alan Kenny, 61, is heading up a small clinic in Tokoroa, a village in the region of Waikato in New Zealand. His problem is that is overworked and can not take all along his own. It can not cope with the number of patients who come to visit every day, with an average of 43 visits per day. So he has decided to seek a young doctor family to divide patients. Problem? Amazed that nobody is wants the job offer.

Dr. Kenny went to four companies specializing in recruiting doctors But in two years they have been unable to find a suitable candidate. And that the offer is unbeatable: 360,000 euros per year, three-month holidays paid, free weekends and not have to work at night time. And nothing. In four months not a single request for the post.

But let's see: Is that money a lot in context of New Zealand? More than twice the average for the country. So what's the problem? It's a rural place and seems to lose its appeal. "Auckland has the largest medical school and most of the young people who go to medical school come from wealthy families in the area. If these universities recruit more students from rural areas would not exist this problem, " said Dr. Kenny the NZ Herald. What young Spanish doctors say? Surely no one is encouraged to take the plunge.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The border between Colombia and Venezuela has become a new focus of zika

Health officials say the virus is spreading rapidly zika through Colombia and Venezuela, noting that the porous border between the two countries could become after Brazil in the next focus of the epidemic of the mosquito-borne virus, publishes The Wall Street Journal. Infectious disease specialists say there are at least tens of thousands of cases in both countries, which together have a population of 80 million. The border of 2,300 kilometers long has been of special concern to health officials, who say the virus has an acute presence in the border city of Cucuta, Colombia, and is expanding northward through a series of villages and cities deployed in hot, swampy pastoral areas to Maracaibo, Venezuela's second city, close to the Caribbean coast.

The border between Colombia and Venezuela has become a new focus of zika
A woman bathes with water stored in containers outside her home in San Josecito, which can serve as an incubator for the mosquitoes that transmit zika. PHOTO: SARA SCHAEFER MUÑOZ / THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
On arrival the virus at this city, which usually produces mild symptoms but may be related to a rare neurological disorder in babies born with smaller heads than normal, is scaring people the same way as in Brazil, where up 1.5 million people could be infected. Last Friday, sitting in the waiting room of a clinic in San Josecito on the Venezuelan side of the border, Dairy Varela, 19, described her symptoms as chills and aches. She said doctors did not know they had, because they lack supplies for clinical trials, but their symptoms are hallmarks of zika.

"Now my skin feels terrible, is itching, and an outbreak is coming in my arms and my face, see?" She said, pointing to a pink spot on her face. "I am very worried [seeing] how it goes on TV babies with small brains."

Colombian health authorities have confirmed more than 20,000 cases of Zika, but estimate that amount to 100,000 cases because they believe many people infected with the virus have not been diagnosed. Extrapolating current rates, they estimate the number of people infected will grow to at least 700,000 by the end of the year. By then, authorities estimate, Colombia will have 500 cases of microcephaly, a condition in which babies are born with skulls and brains undersized, and 700 with Guillain-Barre syndrome, which can cause paralysis and death. Colombia reported three deaths caused by Guillain-Barre syndrome associated with zika last week. Compounding the anxiety is the collapse of the health system in Venezuela, beset by a lack of drugs and supplies in the midst of economic crisis. Venezuela stopped publishing weekly statistics on infectious diseases in 2014, so the health authorities of Colombia can only speculate on how severe the epidemic a few kilometers across the border.

"Mosquitoes do not respect the international borders," said Fernando Ruiz last week, Deputy Minister of Health of Colombia, during his visit to the worst affected areas along the border. "We are concerned about what is happening in Venezuela, because Venezuela has not made any epidemiological report".

Last month, the health minister of this country said authorities had identified 4,700 cases of Zika, a figure that has been criticized by associations of doctors and infectious disease specialists both in Venezuela and abroad. They say the real figure could be tens of thousands.

"What we are seeing now is the tip of the iceberg," said Barbossa Nellis, chief epidemiologist of Zulia, Venezuela border state, whose capital is Maracaibo. "We have an epidemic now." Calls seeking comment the Health Ministry were not returned.

Visits a slum and Maracaibo hospital and poor along the northwestern border with Colombia Venezuela communities left an impression that the zika is spreading uncontrollably. Venezuela lacks even aspirin and insect repellents, which doctors say they are among the first lines of defense against viruses such as zika.

Zulia has registered 463 cases of Zika, Barbossa said, but the specialist estimated that probably one in five of the 3.5 million inhabitants of the state could become infected. Mosquitoes are breeding in the trash in the streets and in home water tanks not only in overcrowded neighborhoods but also in the University Hospital of the state, where there was no water service, forcing workers to collect water buckets. The story of a man who died of Guillain-Barre syndrome possibly related to Zika, highlights the obstacles facing physicians in Venezuela.

Jorge La Cruz, 51, developed rashes in December. When his tongue and his arms went numb, he was diagnosed at the University Hospital with Guillain-Barre syndrome, according to documents seen The Wall Street Journal. Doctors told the family he needed immunoglobulin, but the hospital did not have any blisters and the family could not afford the $ 150 it cost on the black market. "I offered my house in exchange for medicine, but only wanted cash," said Bercelys Pelufo, wife of the deceased. As the paralysis-the horrible effect of Guillain-Barre-xpanded her body, De La Cruz needed to be on a ventilator. But the machine did not work, and the man died.

Nearby, the people of San Francisco, the working class district of Maracaibo, are concerned about how they or their children may be affected. Duana Rodriguez, a pregnant woman was recently with her four children standing beside a stream that smelled of sewage. Mosquitoes swarmed through human waste.

"I am very worried about the baby," She said. "The government has done nothing about the zika."

In Colombia, the Aedes mosquito carrying the Zika the multiplies rapidly. Residents of the town of El Zulia say they are constantly surrounded by swarms of what they call "vampire mosquitoes."

"Almost everyone has had zika here," said Piedad Uribe, manager at a small hospital in El Zulia.

Aleyda Zabaleta, a doctor of the hospital, duly recorded every possible case of Zika, dispenses paracetamol and ibuprofen for pain and stinging rashes antihistamines for the virus. Pregnant women are sent to a larger hospital in Cucuta.

Each morning the doctor Zabaleta manages a team that is headed in the only hospital ambulance to small nearby communities to treat people possibly infected with viruses and advise zika get rid of standing water where mosquitoes breed. "They have to know that the point of origin is often found in mosquitoes that breed in their homes," She said.

Hong Kong fire raid: 48 policemen injured in riots

A total of 48 policemen were injured during the last morning in Hong Kong in a raid against illegal sale of street food that caused clashes between traders and agents and ended with 24 detainees. According to local newspaper South China Morning Post, Hong Kong's Mong Kok district a reported working class neighborhood and high commercial activity, the location is being surrounded by the police after the riots during last night, where they were also wounded some journalists.

Hong Kong fire raid: 48 policemen injured in riots
Protesters throw stones and objects at police in Hong Kong, Feb. 9, 2016 (EFE)
Police are preparing to carry out an operation against street selling food which caused protests among traders who were more heated and ended with the throwing of stones, containers and bottles at officers. According to police, around a hundred people participated in the protest, and mostly the young. Security forces responded with pepper gas and fired warning shots because, they said, the lives of the agents was being threatened.

The deputy commander of the police in Hong Kong in the district, Yau Siu kei, told the South China Morning Post that it is possible that the protests were organized, because, he said, the protesters were available with carpools shields, helmets or gloves. "It is my feeling that it was an organized crime, could not be a being an accidental incident,"he said, for his part, Hon Ip Kwok, the chairman of the Panel on Security of the local government, who defended the decision to police open fire. Other witnesses reported, told the newspaper, the violence used by police.

They arrested 23 men and a woman accused of assaulting police, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and obstructing police work. One of those arrested was a member of the pro independence group of Hong Kong Indigenous Edward Leung, who aspires to be elected to the Parliament of the city in three weeks, as confirmed by his Facebook page. This is the worst episode of violence lived in Hong Kong since the historic protests of late 2014 when thousands of protesters camped in different parts of the city demanding more political freedoms for Hong Kong.

Placing these stalls near Mong Kok is common throughout the year, especially in the framework of the celebrations of the New Year, but the authorities have decided to act on this occasion. In this regard, the leader of the movement Youngspiration, Baggio Leung, has argued that went along with ten other members of the party to protest in defense of the local culture, as reported by the British broadcaster BBC. The prime minister of Hong Kong, CY Leung, has condemned the incident, stressed that the country "can not tolerate this," and ensuring that "Police will spare no effort to stop the rioters."

The most dangerous cities in the world: Caracas, San Salvador, Detroit, Cali, Guatemala and Acapulco

Caracas (Venezuela) Venezuela's capital is in the lead. In 2015, 3,946 people were killed. The murder rate has more to 119.87 per 100,000 inhabitants. Caracas is the most dangerous city in the world. It is included in a study by the Citizens' Council for Security and Criminal Justice, a Mexican NGO that has compiled a list of what are the 50 most insecure, violent cities  with highest homicide rate. 

The most dangerous cities in the world

Thus, the Venezuelan capital who heads the list with a rate of 119.87 murders per 100,000 inhabitants, well above the average, which is 53.08. In 2015, there were 3,946 violent deaths. Followed by San Pedro Sula (Honduras) and San Salvador (El Salvador). Fourth is the tourist Acapulco, Mexico. In ninth and tenth place are the well known Cape Town (South Africa) and Cali (Colombia).

If we look at the ranking of the 50 most dangerous cities, 19 are in Brazil, eight in Venezuela, four in the United States and three in Mexico. It's down to the 15th place out of South and Central America and meet Saint Louis (United States), with a rate of 59.23, still above the average. Are closely Baltimore (19th), which in the past year has been in the media for the death of several people of color at the hands of the police, and Detroit (28th), bankruptcy by the collapse of the automobile industry and serious social and coexistence problems. In the caboose on this list, several cities in South Africa, as Durba, Nelson Mandela Bay and Johannesburg, all headquarters of the World Cup in 2010. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Grand Theft Auto, real criminal in real life exposed

Guess who is in this video? A new video of a chase filmed by a helicopter where the fugitive made ​​a GTA in Real Life! Perhaps this man on this video obsessed by the GTA game and motivate him to make an action like he watched. Too bad! The game is so far easy to play than in real life.

Grand Theft Auto, real criminal in real life exposed

Do not ever think to try this your game in real life or you will get busted like this fool man, find a job, find a good girl! Just get marry and have children, enjoy your life :p

GTA on real life

Millions applaud for this supermom enrolling her four babies at once

Everything seems out of control, but this mom knows what she must to do. Any parent knows that a baby demands great attention. Imagine that this task is multiplied by four. That is the life of Corrie Lyn Whyte, 26 years old, a mother of triplets eight months and a two year old girl.

Dan Gibson, her partner, decided to record the routine of this supermom: dress their four children at the same time without losing control of the situation. All, without exception, are restless. They go different directions and, at times, seems to be falling out of bed. Corrie, however, not lose sight of any of them. Emily (2), Olivia, Jackson and Levi are perfectly dressed for bed.

Mom vs Triplets + Toddler!A must watch! 󾆜🏼󾆩🏻󾆩🏻󾆩🏻 .. Give super mom a share! Being Mommy Dan Gibson Ellen MommyPage Parenthood Being Daddy Twin Magazine Parent Life Network ellentube
Dikirim oleh The Baby Gang pada 4 Februari 2016

The video posted by The Baby Gang on Facebook has haunted surfers who want to see how it ends this feat and have rewarded the scene with more than 56 million views. Excellent record!

Monday, February 8, 2016

8 year old boy marries a woman sexagenarian in South Africa

A wedding at least curious was held in South Africa this weekend. The little Sanele Masilela, 8 years old, joined the housewife Helen Shabangu, 61, in a ceremony that brought together 100 people.

8 year old boy marries a woman sexagenarian in South Africa

The claim for the wedding, according to the boy's family, it was a child's grandfather's request. "He asked you to marry before he died. He chose Helen because he loves her. In doing so, did the ancestors happy. If we had not done the wedding, something bad would have happened in the family, "said the mother of Sanele, Patience Masilela, 46.

For families, the event was more a ritual, since there was no marriage certificate, and the two do not live together. But the couple came to exchange rings and kiss. And they spent a lot of money on the ceremony, because they believed that was what the ancestors wanted.

8 year old boy marries a woman sexagenarian in South Africa

Interestingly, Helen, the bride is already married and has five children. All attended the ceremony. "I'm happy that I married Helen. When you're older, I'm getting married to a woman of my age, "said the groom. Photo: Playback/The Sun

This woman forces a thief to be her sex slave

This is the story of a thief who tried to get along and ended up being a victim of its own target. Viktor Jasinski, 32, broke into a beauty salon in the city of Meshchovsk, Russia, armed with a gun to clean the box. After collecting the money, he was captured by a young Olga Zajac, 28, hairdresser and black karate belt. The blond knocked the guy on the ground, took his gun and tied his hands with wire a hair dryer.

This woman forces a thief to be her sex slave
Olga Zajac, in a photo released by Russian police: she made her sex slave by taking Viagra
But anyone who thinks that the story ends here, you're wrong. Instead of calling the police, Olga dragged Viktor to a dark room, took off his clothes and forced him to be his sex slave for three days. After use and abuse of the subject, to teach him a lesson, Olga freed face and added: "Get out of my face..!."

Viktor went straight to a hospital to treat bruises in the testicles and penis. To the police, he said he was arrested for a pair of pink plush handcuffs and that this period was required to take Viagra. Olga was called to testify and confirmed the story: " This guy is an idiot! We had sex many times but I gave him a new pair of jeans, food and even gave money to him to leave my room." Viktor was arrested for theft and Olga, for torture and false imprisonment. Perhaps they will meet on jail and make their own sex and thief games LOL.

Man dies after struck by meteorite

For the first time in modern history, a man was killed by a meteorite. The case has happened in India, according to The Wall Street Journal on Saturday. One man died and three people were injured when an unidentified object fell from the sky, leaving a crater 30 feet deep, on the campus of the University of Bharathidasan Engineering, Vellore in Tamil Nadu. According to the director of the university, G. Baskar, the object fell on Saturday afternoon near the cafeteria, causing "a noise like that of a big explosion." "It was an unusual sound that could be heard three kilometers away," continued the director. The windows of the classrooms and the parked cars were broken and the students were immediately sent to the home. Classes are suspended until Wednesday.

Man dies after struck by meteorite

The fatality victim, Kamaraj, was the conductor of the university bus and suffered serious injuries meet the floor near the location where the meteorite fell, when he saw the incident. The other three injured are two gardeners and a student. A confirmation of the rare incident was given by the governor of the state of Tamil Nadul, Jayalalithaa said in a statement Sunday. According to The Wall Street Journal , the statement did not explain the reasons that led the authorities to say that the crater resulted from the fall of a meteorite. Jayalalithaa also said it would give 25,000 rupees, the equivalent of 333 euros to each of the three wounded, and 100,000 rupees, equivalent to 1330 euros, the family of the driver who died.

A meteorite is a piece of an asteroid or comet that can pass through the atmosphere surrounding the earth and fall on the surface of the planet, as explained by the NASA site. The probability of being killed by a meteorite is very low. According to NASA, there are records of deaths caused by meteorites falling on Earth in the last 1,000 years.

Sunjan Sengupta, Professor of Astrophysics Institute of India, explained that "if a large asteroid enters the Earth's atmosphere, it will disintegrate and go in different directions and like most of the earth's surface is covered by water, will probably fall into the ocean ".

10 disturbing facts about the meat that will make you think twice to eat

The american children will be the first to live shorter lives than their parents, according to researchers in the heralded documentary Forks over Knives. Available on Netflix about the film has prompted several people to reduce or stop eating meat. While waiting to watch it, here are 10 facts that will make you may review your diet.

10 disturbing facts about the meat that will make you think twice to eat

1. Meat consumption is closely linked to cancers and cardiovascular diseases.
Dr. T. Colin Campbell, one of the greatest scientists specialized in epidemiology, led the "most comprehensive study ever undertaken of the relationship between diet and the risk of developing a disease," reports the New York Times. His comments made ​​in China for years have confirmed that a carnivorous diet increases the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer and autoimmune diseases.

2. Superbugs more present than ever in meat
A recent study published by the Food and Drug Administration found that 81% ground turkey market was contaminated with superbugs, are those resistant to antibiotics. These bacteria were found in 69% of pork chops, 55% ground beef and 39% chicken. A germ called Enterococcus faecalis, normally found in the intestines of humans and animals, was also found in a wide variety of meats, meaning it has already been in contact with faeces. 

3. Some diseases could be reversed by adopting a vegan diet
A study has shown that a diet based on plants and low in fat can positively influence recovery of people with breast, colon, prostate and skin. Some individuals have indeed managed to cure their disease by eliminating meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products and vegetable oils from their plate.

The American Cancer Society  released its recommendations for the diet to follow for people affected by a tumor in February. The report states that the survivors should focus on food herbal, rich in fruits, vegetables and unrefined grains and stay away from meat, processed foods, refined grains and sugar. This shift in thinking about the importance of food is particularly interesting, since  the most recent statistics (2015) of American society show little improvement in survival rates for patients who struggle against their disease with traditional medicine over the last 40 years.

4. The antibiotics used in animal husbandry
On average each year, 62 million antibiotics are sold for livestock health, against 16 million for human consumption, according to the Pew Charitable Trusts. The veterinarian and director of the Pew Campaign, dedicated to animal health and industrial agriculture considers that the use of antibiotics in animals is out of control. It deplores the fact that among other things we use antibiotics in animals when they are not sick just to make them grow and to compensate for poor hygienic conditions in which they live.

5. The US government is behind several campaigns encouraging the consumption of meat and dairy products.
Our neighbors to the south are bombarded with advertising messages promoting a diet rich in meat, although the Americans already eat more than the amount of animal protein per person recommended by age. These ads would yield  billions of dollars  more to companies supported by the government.

The US government spends $38 billion annually to subsidize the industry of meat and dairy products, and only 0.04% of this amount ($ 17 million) for trade in fruits and vegetables.

6. Toxic cleaning products and chlorinated water
School boards and parents were misinformed for years on cleaning products used in the washing of meat served in school cafeterias around the world. Those machines that grind meat and slurried, separate fat and treating with ammonia or citric acid to remove the bacteria. The meat is then finely ground, pressed into blocks and frozen for industrial use. Others use of chlorinated water in the washing and processing of the red meat, poultry and fish.

7. The meat industry is responsible for climate change
The livestock sector now exceeds the transportation industry and the power generation as the largest source of emissions of greenhouse gases. The 5th IPCC report  recommends a significant reduction in meat consumption, which would be as effective as halving the global fleet.

Livestock also increases deforestation. Greenpeace conducted a survey three years that proved that the cattle was responsible for 80% of the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. 

8. Livestock eat better than many people worldwide
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimated in 2014 in  805 million  the number of undernourished people in the world. Yet two-thirds of the world's agricultural land is devoted to livestock and feed production for livestock. Ironically, nearly 85% of global soybean production, a highly nutritious foodstuff rich in protein, is intended to feed the animals to be slaughtered.

9. Excessive presence of hormones in meat
In Canada,  natural and synthetic hormones are used in the intensive production of beef and pork  as growth promoters and regulators of reproduction. US beef is also very heavy in hormones, so heavy that the European Union has said she did not want it. According to the European Commission's health and consumer protection, animal hormones significantly increase the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer. Cancer rates in countries that do not consume would be lower as countries supplying US beef. 

10. Most of farmed animals live in horrible conditions and die of frightful way
Several industry leaders portray the animals as happy farm animals. Terror, pain and suffering are the words they should instead use. It is not uncommon for cattle to be beaten, scalded alive or dismembered in slaughterhouses.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Are you angry? No, it's contemptuous face

Scientists have found that the expression that we often make of contempt, it's just an unconscious reaction and no real sense Ever wonder what goes on in the lives of public figures like Kristen Stewart, Victoria Beckham, Kanye West or Anna Kendrick so they always have the face of few friends? Well apparently all suffering from Resting Bitch Face (RBF, its acronym in English). Two behavioral scientists, Jason Rogers and Abbe Machbeth, the Noldus Information Technology, resorted to FaceReader company's software to scan faces with RBF and other expressions without this expression and identify the differences.

After the image analysis, the scientists concluded that more than an internet joke - as the video made two years ago by Broken People Channel - the contemptuous face is an expression that "makes us think twice about every decision when someone does this guy. "

Are you angry? No, it's contemptuous face

In fact, this expression is an unconscious act and can result even when you are not thinking about anything. And already brought problems to celebrities who are often caught up with this expression. This is the case of Anna Kendridck: "When you take a picture and appear in the background, look at her and think, 'oh my God, what's wrong with me,'" she admitted the actress last year on "The Late Late Show with James Corden."

The study shows that the lack of intentionality these guys a few friends was published in October on the company website , but now the US average gave him echo. The goal of the authors was that this discovery "was fun and not taken too seriously, but he had some scientific data that legitimize" said Abbe Macbeth in Washington Post newspaper.

The software used to analyze the expressions searching over 500 points on the face to detect the signs of various emotions, including those that are not so obvious, such as one that is more present in suffering from RBF: contempt. The typical facial expression is neutral, with only 3% of hidden emotions, including a touch of contempt. However, the RBF the level of emotions almost doubled to 5.76%, with the largest increase recorded in the present contempt level.

"The FaceReader not detected enough contempt to reflect true contempt, because these guys are not truly reflect the feelings of contempt," the investigators on the blog where the findings are published. "It just seems to despise those who see the expression. Thus, it is the perception of this subtle and unconscious contempt sets the RBF."

Although this term be more closely linked to women, men also suffer from this problem. If you think you may be a victim of contempt of guy you can contact the study authors. Just send a photograph which has no particular facial expression for email and request a review.

Child get arrested for murder

An eleven year old boy was condemned to prison for being found guilty of the death, shot an eight years girl of in US. The judge of the Jefferson County Juvenile Court in the state of Tennessee, USA, found that Benjamin Tiller killed intentionally Makayla Dyer, reveal court documents released this week by a local television. The said sentence the minor to remain in the custody of the State to make 19 years.

Child girl arrested for murder

The murder took place in October 2015, when Benjamin was playing with Makayla next to her house and asked him to show her dog. The girl refused and he was home and get his father's shotgun with which he threatened the judge wrote.

"The victim laughed and said she did not believe the gun was real. You Tiller made sure the gun was loaded, prepared his gun and shot the victim above the heart," revealed court documents.

Although family child say that was not the boy who shot the judge considered evidence that Benjamin Tiller authored the shot and did so with an awareness of the consequences of his act because he had safety training in firearms and has he had gone hunting with his father.

In sentencing, the judge also noted that the boy "desperately needs help", but that "a child practicing a first degree murder can not be released in lightly society."

Error 53: Apple software flaw that can kill your iPhone

An error found in the iOS system completely disables the iPhone 6 and has not found any solution. "It's called error and 53 is the worst thing that can happen to your iPhone," he described the technology journalist Mike Wehner in an article for the Daily Dot Tech. Error 53 occurs when the software for an iPhone 6 which was repaired in unofficial stores are upgraded to iOS 9, explains Wehner. The phone will lock and can no longer be used.

Error 53: Apple software flaw that can kill your iPhone

When the start button, which appears below the screen and has the identification sensor fingerprint is repaired outside of premises authorized by Apple comes a serious mistake on your phone, which is only revealed when the software is updated. The same happens when the iPhone 6 button stops working and is not arranged before the upgrade. Mike Wehner, technology expert, said: "error 53 kills iPhone." This is because the phone locks and becomes "useless" or, as some experts say, useful only to be used as paperweights. With this error, it is impossible to remove any data or information stored on your phone.

According to The Guardian, several people who left the screen and were forced to replace him, but chose to do it in unofficial centers from Apple, because it was the cheapest option or because there was no brand stores in the area, they said they found this error. In all cases, the phone worked well after repair and only had problems when the updated operating system. Kyle Wiens, founder of iFixit, a website that teaches you how to repair mobile phones and other devices, told The Guardian that the "problem occurs if the repairer change the start button or the cable. When the software is upgraded the phone checks whether the components originals are still being used and, if not, lock the phone. "

According to a spokesman for Apple, there is a link between the data from the fingerprint and the sensor button. When the iPhone is serviced by the authorities of Apple and a change of the sensor is required, the connection is changed and updated. "When the iOS detects that the connection failed" the software is disabled to protect the phone. So far, despite several complaints, there is no solution to the error. Exchange parts or reprogram the software does not resolve and "the only thing to do is buy a new one," as Mike Wehne. "There is no warning or way to bring him back to life," said Kyle Wiens.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Napoleon, The Cat's Mustache Hipster

He now lives in Australia but Napoleon would pass unnoticed squarely in the Williamsburg neighborhood of New York. With his mustache hipster, this big cat has all the trendy New York that would hang out in the "coffee shops" and the trendiest thrift stores. On Instagram, his hairy attribute much fun anyway clients: Napoleon with 3000 subscribers is certainly not poised to dethrone the grumpy cat and company but it has still been showcased on the website of the Movember Foundation.

Napoleon, The Cat's Mustache Hipster

Cats with style? Yes, it exists. The proof with Napoleon, the mustachioed cat to the delight of Instagram. Australian birth, gray and white cat has the distinction of having a well-designed dandy mustache. Neither one nor two, the owners have launched an Instagram account that he has since met his little success. I must say that Napoleon is naturally stylish and does not need much to have the class.

Napoleon, The Cat's Mustache Hipster

Napoleon, The Cat's Mustache Hipster

Napoleon, The Cat's Mustache Hipster

The mustache power
His mug sullen and his mustache are well placed whenever their little effect. Proof that Napoleon plays in the big mustache: it was honored on the Movember Foundation website, the famous charity that gave the spotlight to the male hairy quintessential attribute. In short, as stated in the name of his Instagram account, Napoleon is really the king of the mustache!

A new species of tarantula named "Johnny Cash"

US entomologists have made the unusual choice of giving the name of country singer Johnny Cash to a new species of spider, a black tarantula recently discovered. The eight legged creature called Aphonopelma johnnycashi is completely black, all dressed as the artist died in 2003 when he sang with his guitar including "Man in Black", one of his successes.

A new species of tarantula named "Johnny Cash"
Aphonopelma johnnycashi
"I'm a big fan of Johnny Cash," says Chris Hamilton, of the University of Auburn, Alabama, the senior author of the identification of 14 new spider species in the southwestern United States, whose Aphonopelma johnnycashi.

This work is published in the scientific journal zookeys. The biologist and several colleagues at Auburn University and Millsaps College in Mississippi have carefully considered tarantulas found in the southern United States west of the Mississippi.

For ten years they have examined and collected nearly 3,000 specimens in several states. They found that the species of tarantula now named Johnny Cash was widespread but had long been seen as another species called A. iodius.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Complain all the time will damage your brain

A study that uses neuroscience research shows that listening to people who complain much can be harmful to the brain. Too much negativity has some impact on the brain. It is possible to examine our brain activity through methods such as EEG or MRI. Although each method has its weak points, Trevor Blake says to explain how and why the constant negativity affects our brain.

Complain all the time will damage your brain

Trevor Blake is the author of "Three simple steps: a map to success in business and life." The book explains how anyone can reshape his mind to increase creativity, accomplishment and serenity. Trevor Blake explains that the human brain is like a muscle more than you can imagine. He added: "If you're stuck for a long time, somewhere, listening to a negative person, you are more likely to behave in the same way she did. "

Being constantly surrounded by negativity and people who complain a lot can be bad in many ways, for the brain. Listen passively and continuously someone complain, can have serious side effects and can even alter brain function.

The quality of thoughts and emotions that we have a direct impact on the quality of our life and our performance, but also on our physical and psychological health and those around us.

What superheroes do when they do not play as the hero?

And yes, the superheroes, Hulk, Thor, Iron man, Spiderman and etc. They are also have private lives and also make mundane things. A photographer Edy Hardjo imagined and represented, using figurines, what superheroes could spend their free time when they were not playing the hero saviors of the universe. Let's see the Marvel superheroes such you've never seen!

What superheroes do when they do not play as the hero?

What superheroes do when they do not play as the hero?

What superheroes do when they do not play as the hero?

What superheroes do when they do not play as the hero?

What superheroes do when they do not play as the hero?

What superheroes do when they do not play as the hero?

What superheroes do when they do not play as the hero?

What superheroes do when they do not play as the hero?

What superheroes do when they do not play as the hero?

What superheroes do when they do not play as the hero?

All pictures by Hrjoe Photography

Manny, the cat addicted to selfies

Does your cat like to take selfies? Maybe not! Except this Manny the cat. Manny, a gray tabby, has attracted the attention of Internet users to its expertise in photo, selfie category. He loves to shoot self-portraits, alone or with his friends.

Manny, the cat addicted to selfies

Manny, the cat addicted to selfies

Manny, the cat addicted to selfies

Manny, the cat addicted to selfies

Manny, the cat addicted to selfies

Manny, the cat addicted to selfies

Manny, the cat addicted to selfies

Manny, the cat addicted to selfies

Manny tried his luck at Powerball His teacher explains that Manny is attracted by the GoPro camera, every time he sees, he tries to catch it with his paw, giving the impression that takes selfie. You can find more photos on Instagram account Manny master.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The underwater museum

It's off the Spanish island of Lanzarote that began last Sunday, January 31 immersion sculptures of Columbia Jason de Caires Taylor, marking the first stage of construction of the Museum Atlantic, the first European submarine museum. A total of 35 statues of the artist have been installed in the Canary waters Sunday; 300 are planned by the end of the project. All inspired by the inhabitants of Lanzarote, based on molds of ten citizens, these works were designed "concrete neutral pH and with materials that do not damage the seabed or the flora and fauna of the area, through the use of metals and materials that are not harmful to the seabed, "teaches us an official statement.

The underwater museum

Better than that, this inanimate population should increase marine biomass and facilitate the reproduction of the species of the territory declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, for the next three hundred years!

Jason deCaires Taylor is not his first attempt since it has already produced other sculptures for previously existing submarine museums, including the Bahamas, the Caribbean and Cancun. He defines his work as a demonstration of "defense of the oceans."

Among the facilities available in Lanzarote, there is therefore a group of 35 human figures moving towards the same destiny, but also a challenge to the humanitarian crisis based on the painting by Gericault (La Balsa Lampedusa) or a couple taking a self-portrait called Contenido, inviting to reflect on the use of new technologies. The Atlantic museum will cover an area of ​​1 500 square meters off the municipality of Yaiza. Suitable for divers of all levels, and visible from the surface, its opening is scheduled for February 2017.

See 8 luxurious houses of the richest stars

In connection with the traditional "Top 100" celebrities of the moment, the prestigious Forbes magazine unveiled in a list of the most luxurious mansions of the stars. And here they are..

Taylor Swift Home
Location: Watch Hill. Rhode Island Value: $ 24.9 million (Canadian) Salary in 2015: $ 112.6 million (Canadian) Interesting fact: This house of the singer who also has homes and apartments in Nashville, New York and Beverly Hills, was built in 1930.

See 8 luxurious houses of the richest stars

Ranch of Tom Cruise
Location: Telluride, Colorado Value: $ 83 million (Canadian) Salary in 2015: $ 56.3 million (Canadian) Interesting fact: The actor bought his ranch in 1992 for the "modest" sum of $ 2.6 million (Canadian) . In 2014, he set on sale for $ 83 million.

See 8 luxurious houses of the richest stars

Remains of Johnny Depp
Location: Le Plan-de-la-Tour, France Value: 36. $ 3 million (Canadian) Salary in 2015: $ 42.2 million (Canadian) Interestingly, we find 12 bathrooms in the house.

See 8 luxurious houses of the richest stars

Beyoncé and Jay-Z
Location: New York Value: $ 9.6 million (Canadian) combined Salary in 2015: 155. $ 5 million (Canadian) Interestingly, Jay-Z bought this penthouse in 2004, before his marriage to Beyoncé for a "pittance" (a bite valued at C $ 9.6 million).

See 8 luxurious houses of the richest stars

Residence of Lady Gaga
Location: Malibu, California Value: $ 33 million (Canadian) Salary in 2015: $ 83 million Interestingly, the former owner was working on creating products for Warner Bros. Batman There would be constructed a "Batcave" where one finds, including a bowling alley!

See 8 luxurious houses of the richest stars

 Residence of David Copperfield
Location: Copperfield Bay, Bahamas Value: $ 77.4 million (Canadian) Salary in 2015: $ 88.7 million (Canadian) Interesting! The magician bought this archipelago of 11 islands in 2006. It also has a penthouse with futuristic fortress air (see photo) in New York.

See 8 luxurious houses of the richest stars

Justin Timberlake Ranch
Location: Big Sky, Montana Value: unknown Salary in 2015: $ 89.4 million (Canadian) Interesting fact: The singer and his wife (Jessica Biel actress) live an exclusive community where it costs $ 422,000 (Canadian) to become a member to buy it BEFORE or build a house!

See 8 luxurious houses of the richest stars

Home of LeBron James
Location: Miami, Florida Value: $ 21.1 million (Canadian) Salary in 2015: $ 91.5 million (Canadian) Interesting fact: The basketball player is the new owner of a house inhabited by Madonna and Sylvester Stallone.

See 8 luxurious houses of the richest stars