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Key stories to understand Batman vs. Superman

Key stories to understand Batman vs. Superman
The premiere of 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens a new cinematic universe that drink from 70 decades of comics. We understand the imperative to go over what happens on the screen and what is coming works. Wonder Woman: Mythology, feminism and what 'bondage'? The origin of the Justice League

"You start to get the idea, Clark. This is the end for both. We could have changed the world. And now look at us. I have become a political liability and you. You're a joke. I want you to remember, Clark. in all the years to come, in your most intimate moments. I want you to remember my hand in your throat. I want you to remember the only man who beat you." They are words spoken by Twilight Bruce Wayne, who gives life to a rotund Batman does not want to leave the underworld without leaving clear Superman (sold to power of Ronald Reagan immortal), who rules Gotham City. What he chronicled, with a major force in prose and stroke a Frank Miller in top form, escorted by not always recognized in perspective Klaus Janson and Lynn Varley. Together they lifted the return of the Dark Knight, essential comic unstoppable for good and bad in the years following the year of 1986 influence. Published by ECC Editions, it is treated in a work that, thirty years later has been reflected his most iconic images in the controversial film Superman v Batman: The dawn of Justice.

Batman VS Superman
From the armor with which Wayne confronts the Man of Tomorrow to the lightning that illuminates one of his jumps, through the string of journalists and pundits who poke her face on celluloid, it is not hard to imagine Zack Snyder, controversial director film, giving dozens of references to the work of Larry Fong, his favorite director of photography. Although arguably not drink much of it as could be guessed at first, by the hands of Fong surely pages fell Brian Bolland in Batman: The Killing Joke. In it, the meticulous British artist who got his neighbor Northampton put his hands for the first time in Bat Man. It was Alan Moore, who had written shortly before the latest Superman stories before Crisis on Infinite Earths, whose presence still casts its shadow over the DC Universe, both in comics and in the movies.

Frank Miller Alan Moore
Key stories to understand Batman vs. Superman

Bolland, who succeeded Moore would join Miller under the mantle of the bat, which drove in the final stretch of 80 with two works that today are still on every library worth its salt and affected, for better and for evil, to the conception that the superhero genre has of himself. However, the famous writer of the colossal Watchmen did not end very satisfied with the end result of their work. But 28 years after its first edition continues to cause endless discussions about its conclusion. "My intention at the end of this work was to have the two characters experiencing simply a brief moment of lucidity. In its constant relationship, very strange and probably fatal among them, they have reached a point where both perceive hell in them, and can only laugh at an absurd situation. "And the story is about the supposed origin of the Joker and reflection about whether a bad day can break the principles of a good man. A disquisition enhanced today by the new color applied by Bolland own (available in Spain a recent edition luxury), leaving aside the warm colors of John Higgins (and yellow oval Batman) to embrace a grim touch and dark. Change does not weaken one of the most famous (and hard) scenes from the history of DC Comics and does not solve the question of whether someone dies on the last page.

Batman XXI century
Key stories to understand Batman vs. Superman

If, as reflected critic Pedro Garcia, with his stories about Fledermaus "Miller looked to the future and Moore focused on the past", he remembers that the character continues to appear in the present. And live a stage linking success with critics and audiences thanks to the work of writer Scott Snyder (no relation to the Zack director unless it is known) and artist Greg Capullo, artistic couple who, although separated shortly, will leave a legacy of which is quite speak. At the moment, in our country we have been collected in two volumes the beginning of his time: Batman: The Court of Owls and Death of the family. In the first, the Bat Man discovered during the investigation of a murder aberrant the existence of a secret organization associated with urban legends of Gotham. In the second, the story leads to the deranged mind of the Joker to calibrate from there his relationship with Batman. The comic is part of the new continuity of the DC Universe, as at the time it was the Year One of Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli (probably the best comic that has become Batman) but that fact does not alter the adventures of the character and hardly noticeable in the absence of his black pants. Snyder, therefore, plays with past clashes between the Crime Clown and his eternal nemesis, who sometimes reminiscent of Denny O'Neil and others at Steve Englehart. His Joker is a murderer. And a maniac. And it has torn face, stuck with leather straps. A stage thus showing a more human hero who overcomes testing suffering falls, rises and other than cause, feel the fear. It does two unsettling adventures for uncomfortable moments, but engaging with his narrative crescendo, which perhaps you can blame something demure end.

Superman Light
Key stories to understand Batman vs. Superman

One of the most criticized by opponents of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the darkness that surrounds the Last Son of Krypton, already present in Man of Steel and does not match the usual canon of the character. For many fans, the true Man of Tomorrow is found in The Four Seasons of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. A Superman like something out of a painting by Norman Rockwell, who was educated in a world of noble men, women with powerful principles and driven by greed that feeds envy. The work counts as a spring, Clark Kent must leave behind adolescence and family life in Smallville to make the leap to Metropolis and shape their future.

Each station sewer has a narrator: Jonathan Kent, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor and Lana Lang are happening when accompanied by words the stunning artwork of Sale, deliciously colored by watercolors Bjarne Hansen, achieving a perfect union when embody universal themes like friendship, love, fear, uprooting and, of course, the family.The first steps of Superman to modern times was also adapted in the origin of Superman, with Gary Frank that revives Christopher Reeve in each frame of this work, published at pages / price ratio unusual in today's market: 224 pages for 7.95 euros. The reasons are weight: for a few years (the work eventually published in 2009) the official canon became the films of Richard Donner with touches of Smallville. A screenplays, Geoff Johns, an author who has managed to jump from the comic film scene and is now working closely with Ben Affleck, who it seems to star in and direct the next film in the new film Batman.

A son of Krypton
Key stories to understand Batman vs. Superman

But what we see Superman in the movies, where is it? Removing the details reminiscent of Superman born in the USSR presented at the highly recommended Red Son, of Mark Millar and Dave Johnson. But Superman without red underpants on the outside (the scarlet like its increasingly present heat look to have passed) comes from the restart DC Universe held in the New 52 / The New 52 and for which the publisher turned to Grant Morrison, writer probably the most personality of the current scene. Loved and hated, admirer and rival Alan Moore, Morrison is a unique character who could not resist the temptation to create their own vision of the first superhero. It does in Superman and men of steel, moving to present the vindictive character of his early adventures in the late 30s, when it was still controlled by its creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. After facing which for many is the definitive version of the character (All-Star Superman, by the artist Frank quitely) Scottish writer, with the help of Rags Morales and Andy Kubert, gives the character a mix of current and freshness that no reneging on the roots. And, before taking the meshes, the numbers that went with layer, but in jeans, boots and T-shirt, Morrison Clark Kent would have voted in can or, failing that, to Bernie Sanders.

Chronicles of the Trinity
Key stories to understand Batman vs. Superman

To understand the end of the movie is also necessary to know the concept of the Trinity in the DC universe (well, and some other comic that would be spoiler). It consists of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, great feminist character and mythological load that recently we devote a separate report. Their relationship comes from afar, but the fail of the title itself is recent collection. It is Chronicles of the Trinity ( four volumes published in Spain so far ), an anthology that brings together three characters. Though really only share space on the back cover.It may surprise you, but this is a nod to the past: it is the best way to pay homage to The World's Finest, legendary collection that began publication in the Golden Age of comic-book and that mixed but not gathered Superman, Batman and Robin inseparable. Heroes only the faces on the covers looked until 1952. However, Chronicles of the Trinity is perfect for those who want to enjoy small short stories of these characters, made ​​by artists of proven category, if Peter Milligan, Steve Englehart, Mark Evanier, David Lapham, Chris Prouse, Mike Mignola, Steve Rude.

The best of the world
Key stories to understand Batman vs. Superman

When we talk about Batman and Superman they were not found until 1952, it should be noted that they did in The World's Finest , but on the 76th of savior of Metropolis. Confrontation which is then transformed into friendship and that would be exploited in dozens of meetings (the new film also drink a lot of one, which takes place in The Man of Steel of John Byrne ) and the Justice League. To not pass the reef in 2003, DC Comics joined the two emblems in a separate collection: Superman / Batman. Mented with scripts and Jeph Loeb and drawings of Ed McGuiness in grace, both narrated the long six numbers linking points and separated the Kryptonian and the defender of Gotham. They did it in a singular moment of his universe, when Lex Luthor, the worst enemy of the Man of Tomorrow, was the president of the United States, hence the title of the adventure: Public Enemies. 

Fresh and fun (although widely criticized at the time) the saga is full of cameos and contains the always stimulating presence of Darkseid, a character who will be talking in the next film production. In our country can be found in a collection which includes the first 13 numbers and special, which also involved the ill fated artist Michael Turner and Pat Lee. But The World's Finest is not a forgotten term. In the 90 it was used for several comics, including the miniseries Legends of the best in the world of Walt Simonson and Dan Brereton. Now that is discussed rabidly online by the darkness and the tone has decided to DC / Warner Bros. his cinematic universe, it is good time to immerse themselves in reading a play about the confrontation between the symbolism of both characters. Because, as explained Simonson himself in the preface to his work 20 years ago, "there is still something very instigator, even natural, to unite the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight. Because, despite the gulf between nature both his abilities as your adventures, the two they still represent opposite ends of the same spectrum."

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At twelve, he became CEO of Toys

At twelve, he became CEO of Toys
At twelve Emile will become CEO of Toys R Us Canada (Toys'R'Us Capture)
In the dream jobs series, the jackpot has been won by a Canadian! Just 12 years old. Emile Burbidge has been officially named CEO of Toys R Us in Canada! For this young Quebecers of St. Bruno, who was in contention to face hundreds of candidates, no question of preparing budgets, implement the business strategy and marketing.

No, the boy will officially be president "entertainment" General of the Canadian sector of the US group. For a year, he will have the tough task of testing all new toys, games and gadgets fresh from the factories. To him give his favorites, to make recommendations. "We created the CEO position because as a Canadian reference in the world of toys, we know that children are best placed to teach parents and those seeking the right gift for the most popular new toy, "says the dealer.

At twelve, he became CEO of ToysAccording to his family, Emile will be paid in dollars and toys. for now, the toddler is dedicated to visit factories of toy manufacturers. And it still does not return. "I feel like the luckiest kid in the country and I still can not believe that Toy R Us Canada has chosen me as CEO. I know this is a very important position, which means that I will do everything to be the best CEO that they have known until now, "he said. Meanwhile, toy merchant satisfied with his recruitment: "the enthusiasm and outgoing personality of Emile are contagious. We believe it will be an important addition to our team."

Navy rescues a lost dog at sea for five weeks

Navy rescues a lost dog at sea for five weeks
San Diego (California, USA) on Wednesday. This dog was rescued by the US Navy. AFP/Navy glad media operations/MCSN Cynthia Jackson
This is a very unusual relief operation. The US Navy has assisted this week in an unusual castaway on a remote island: Luna, German Shepherd a year, missing at sea off the coast of San Diego (California), presumed dead for over a months, notably ABC reported.

"There are five weeks she went overboard from his own fishing boat, about 2 miles (3.2 km) from the island of San Clemente," said Naval Base Coronado on Facebook where she has posted several pictures of the animal. This week, the dog appeared to berthing Navy personnel on the island located 127 km from the mainland. "She was emaciated, but unharmed" after "five weeks of survival in difficult terrain," said the base, adding that she was transported by air to the base of San Diego.

Luna, who has piercing blue eyes, was entrusted to a family friend, waiting for its owner to return from a business trip this weekend. He had sought the help of the basic Coronado to find his dog after a few days of fruitless searches and intense, was considered dead at sea.

Navy rescues a lost dog at sea for five weeks

The owner "said that Luna was a very good swimmer and he was 90% sure it would make for the mainland," said Sandy DeMunnik, spokesman for the naval base, on ABC. "Our staff has searched the island, in vain," she said. Tuesday morning, arriving at San Clemente, of the Navy staff were welcomed by Luna. "They saw Luna sitting on the edge of the road, tail wagging." San Diego (California, USA) on Wednesday. This dog finds a friend of his master, more than a month after his disappearance.

Nearly 255 km/h, he beat the new speed record on skis

The Italian Ivan Origone, soon 29, was delighted with his elder brother Simone, who had in the previous run of the set at 252.987 km/h, the record for speed skiing world, with 254.958 km/h Saturday in Vars (Alpes French) during the Speed ​​Masters. There is one year, on the same track of Chabrières, Simone, aged 36, had set the mark at 252.632 km/h. This is the end of a wall with 98% of maximum slope inclination, and drawn in a natural corridor, the Italian brothers rewrote the history of the specialty. He beats the ski world speed record.

Nearly 255 km/h, he beat the new speed record on skis
Ivan Origone broke the record of speed ski world.   AFP PHOTO / TamTam photos / C.Mathias
At these speeds, the bold is not loose, trompe-death section equipped with helmet and wings behind the knees to improve aerodynamics, if the weather is perfect and not too cold snow to slide very fast. the initial thrust is impressive, the 200 km/h are achieved in five seconds. The imperative is to stay in contact with the ground while a cushion of air forms under the spatulas that must be kept apart. In this particular competition, formerly known as flying kilometer (KL), the competitors are "flashed" for a short distance.

Braking, highly delicate phase requires to gradually raise the bust. The tests (helmet, combination) are performed in the wind tunnel. The Origone thus benefit from the expertise of the Italian coach builder Pininfarina, near Turin, for ten years. Discipline, in demonstration at the Albertville Olympics (France) in 1992, has not passed the registration. The Italian Valentina Greggio for its part improved the women's world record with 247.083 km/h.

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A garbage man filled the snow to garbage truck to get more paid

A resident in Milton, near Toronto, thought a garbage man made him a service by shoveling part of its snowbank. Municipal authorities say rather that filled the snow truck to be paid more. The subcontractor for which he works, Miller Waste Systems, is paid per tonne of garbage collected.

It all started Monday when the resident Anna O'Sullivan posted a video of the garbage collector on Facebook with the hashtag ilovemilton (I like Milton). The recording was then snowballed into social media.

A garbage man filled the snow to garbage truck to get more paid
The garbage man surprised by a resident in Milton.   PHOTO: FACEBOOK / ANNA O'SULLIVAN
"We know the ploy"
The commissioner of public works in Halton Region, Jim Harnum, said he immediately understood that the employee was not a good Samaritan saw the video. "[The region] will not pay for that truck that day, "he said. 

This morning along with picking up the usual bag of garbage, they also picked up the excess snow that was beside the curb! (For licensing or usage, contact
Dikirim oleh Anna O'Sullivan pada 7 Maret 2016

The Miller Company, serving Milton since 2008, could also be fined. Harnum believes, however, that this is an isolated act. "If the cargo is full of snow or wet, we know the trick and refuses to accept it," he says. Milton Mayor Gordon Krantz said that the council will consider the matter at its next meeting, but said that the contractor had done a "great job" until now. Halton has recently renewed its contract with Miller for eight years.

Bottles thrown into the sea in Canada: messages found in Europe

A Newfoundland couple, who had launched the Atlantic twenty plastic bottles containing messages, had several Europeans echoes that found them along the coast. Lynn and Ron McCarthy of Musgrave Harbour on the north coast of Newfoundland, have found a hobby that has allowed them to make new friends on the Old Continent.

"It's really fun, says Lynn McCarty. We always wonder where our bottles will be successful and if we hear from those who recover. " The couple threw 24 plastic bottles in the Atlantic Ocean since 2012, hoping they complete their long journey on foreign shores.

Bottles thrown into the sea in Newfoundland: messages found in Europe
One of the messages found on European shores.   PHOTO: FACEBOOK
"Three of our bouteillles have been found in Norway in December. Another ran aground on the coast of Ireland six weeks later, "says Ron McCarty adding that half their bottles were recovered, most in the British Isles and Northern Europe. McCarthy said that the last bottle thrown into the sea was found in June, but they have only recently learned about social media. Although they did not know the person who posted the photo, they discovered they had in common Facebook friends.

"The message was not meant for me, I just received a message from someone in the area with a picture asking if anyone knew this person," says Lynn McCarthy. She adds that one found their names, email address and a snowman smile on messages bottled. To better protect their messages, the couple began to insert them in sealed plastic bags.

"One of the messages found in Norway was wet and washed out, that's the reason why people have trouble finding us. " Lynn McCarthy said that two bottles were found in Britain, one by a couple walking on the beach and the other by a 12 year old boy.

"They sent us an email to let us know. Then we used to send [people who find our messages] some pictures on Facebook to show them where they live and they do the same. " McCarthy were even able to discuss in person with the British couple and also contacted the boy's mother 12 years. In this era of technology, send messages bottles may seem trivial to some, but McCarthy have every intention to continue to practice their hobby. "As long as the wind blows the right side," says Lynn McCarthy, laughing.

He sings to give comfort to his patients

At the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Halifax, a nurse uses all his talents to speed healing of his patients or just give them a relaxing, including his talent for song. It all started when Brody McGee began bringing his guitar to the hospital to practice during his breaks. Sewing up, he brought his guitar in the patient rooms and began singing at the foot of their beds.

"It is visible, people are relaxed, some even sing with me. Sometimes I sing a catchy song when I know that a patient has a bad day. It makes them happy at least the time of the song, "he said. Many of his patients are elderly and a third suffers from a form of dementia. Sing to them enables a contact, Brody says McGee. Sometimes people can not hold a conversation, but they can accompany me when I sing them a song of their youth

The nurse-singer of the QE II Hospital in Halifax, Brody McGee   PHOTO: CBC / ELIZABETH MCMILLAN
It even accepts special requests. To be able to meet these demands, he downloaded an application that allows him to quickly learn the lyrics. The applications vary greatly, but some artists return as Johnny Cash or James Taylor. Songs like Country Roads by John Denver and Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen are among the favorite patients. "It's beautiful, said a patient, Sheila Grant, about this last song. I could hear all day. It really boosted morale!"

The music therapy
When he started singing, Brody McGee realized physical and emotional benefits of music. It intends to improve by a Masters in Nursing and intends to study more about the benefits of music therapy.

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Microsoft's robot becomes racist, sexist and Nazi

The customers taught hatred in Microsoft robot and multiplied inappropriate comments before being shut down by Microsoft. A Microsoft robot with artificial intelligence and capable of interacting with the increase in Internet users was withdrawn Thursday by the US computer after multiplying hateful or racist diatribes on the basis of what he taught malicious people. The robot was designed with the look of a naive young teenager able to learn from its interactions with users. The educational purpose project was cut short when people decided to teach him particularly verbal abuse.

Microsoft's robot becomes racist, sexist and Nazi

"Unfortunately, in the first 24 hours when she was online, we saw a coordinated effort by some users to abuse Tay and ability to communicate so that it responds inappropriately," said Microsoft in a statement. "It is as much a social and cultural experience that technique," however nuanced the group.

While the machine was designed to study the ability to learn and become smarter as and extent of its interactions online, she started tweeting pro-Nazi, sexist or racist. She also posted comments in support of the Republican candidate for the White House Donald Trump. In his last message on Twitter, Tay said: "See you humans, I need to sleep after so much talk today," says Microsoft.

These abusive messages were deleted, but many are still circulating in the form of screenshots. Microsoft, for its part, is now working to improve the Tay software. Besides Twitter, the robot was designed to interact on various platforms courier and especially targeted the "millenials" born between 1981 and 1996.

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A futuristic underwater hotel in the fight against the disappearance of coral reefs

Tony Webb, an American entrepreneur, has recently invested in a new tourism project of the future: an underwater hotel offering a unique experience to its visitors while fighting against the disappearance of coral reefs. At a time when companies are investing in space tourism, others prefer to bet on new equally sensational formulas taking advantage of the specificities of our relatively unexplored land environments.

A futuristic underwater hotel in the fight against the disappearance of coral reefs

This is the case of Tony Webb. The American entrepreneur has recently unveiled the face of what its meaning will become the tourism of the future and it lies not in the stars but in the middle of the ocean depths.

A passenger on the seabed
To make the experience particularly authentic, Tony Webb has created a luxury submarine. Called "Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel", the SPV is willing to innovative and ecologically too. The cabin was designed as a sort of station accessed via a lift. Located about nine meters under the water surface, it is expected to house within it a dozen rooms with the comfort of a traditional hotel and a bonus, a great view of the ocean and its inhabitants. The project objective is twofold: to offer visitors a unique experience while raising awareness of environmental issues.

"We believe that the future of travel and tourism experiences will be made to measure. We also believe in travel and responsible tourism, which means that local economies and the environment benefit from these activities. It's a win-win scenario, "said the Huffington Post, Eleanor Mitch, a member of the project. To do this, 10% of profits will be donated to the restoration of coral reefs, as well in the Hotel implant region than in other ocean areas, transferring coral colonies on the most affected sites .

A method of restoring coral reefs
More than half of the world's reefs is indeed threatened by coastal activities and climate change. To avoid the loss of these remarkable ecosystems, a team of scientists has developed a method of annealing, called "electrolytic mineral accretion."

This is to generate a weak electric current in seawater to stimulate the formation and growth of sustainable deposits of insoluble mineral salts. These functional structures have the same functions as a natural reef for wildlife that lives there. The idea of ​​the underwater hotel is the one to exploit this method to develop around new settlements. The structure will also be built from non-polluting and non-corrosive materials to minimize impacts to surrounding ecosystems. Of small dimensions, it can be moved to join sites requiring restoration work. The areas in question will be selected by a team of marine biologists adjoining the project.

"The importance of this is to try to link tourism to environmental improvement," said Dr. Thomas Goreau, marine biologist and President of the Global Coral Reef Alliance. "We are helping to restore the reefs and bring hotels to do something and part of the solution would be fantastic. So far, they are rather part of the problem. " (Source: Maxi Science)

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It was like living in a horror movie

Achievement of a mysterious illness, a teenager of 17 years constantly bleeding from the eye, ear, mouth or scalp. A living hell. Marnie Rae Harvey, 17, is suffering from a mysterious illness that makes her life hell. Regularly, the British began to bleed one eye, ears or mouth. And for now, the different doctors that the girl found are simply unable to understand what is happening. Meanwhile, the teenager is forced to stay home and every morning her mother wakes up with the anguish of finding inanimate. "It was like living in a horror film. This happens every day. We leave in two weeks when the blood flowed from her tongue and her scalp, "says the " Sun " Cath, her mother.

It was like living in a horror movie

The nightmare of the Harvey family started one morning in July, when the girl woke up in a hemoglobin mare she had bled from the eye all night. "We took her to the emergency but they have done anything for her," says Cath. The mysterious illness quickly worsened, spreading to her ears, mouth, scalp and sometimes her nails. "Every day, Marnie Rae vomited four or five times the blood," says her mother.

"My life is on hold"

Therefore, Marnie Rae must remain cloistered at home, a person constantly at her bedside. A hellish situation: "I wanted to follow an apprentice hairdresser but I had to let go of fear to bleed on clients. I lost most of my friends, they do not want to see me. I'm always home. My life is outstanding, "says the girl. The most unbearable in this story, it's the eyes of others. "The last time we went to the emergency room, people were taking photos and expressing their disgust. I had to take her out, "where she fainted, says Cath.

Physicians have excluded the presence of a brain tumor, a blood disease or clotting problem. According examinations she suffered, her liver, kidneys, her uterus, her ovaries and other organs are working perfectly. Her ears, eyes, nose and throat no irregularity. Still, doctors are still unable to put a name to the illness of the teenager. Marnie Rae will shortly consult a gynecologist who will try to determine whether the harm which it suffers may be related to her uterus. The problem of the girl seems indeed worsen when she is menstruating. 

Thank you to Isabelle for this article

Where will land the rover ExoMars mission in 2018?

The ExoMars 2018 is the second part of the European Space Agency program (ESA) dedicated to the search for life on Mars. It will carry to the Red Planet rover it will take place on its surface. But how to determine the most appropriate place? CNES tells us more in a video.

Scientists CNES and the European Space Agency (Esa), the clay areas of Mars are definitely the best places to find life, if it exists. Indeed, being very old, they remained in contact with liquid water for long periods. It is in these layers of clay in 2018, the ExoMars rover will have the best chance to find chemical traces of life, if they exist.

Where will land the rover ExoMars mission in 2018?

Mars is flown since already many years and well mapped; the scientists chose the area Oxia Planum to land the rover. This vast plain old 4 billion years has stratified formations ideal for trapping and potentially retain organic matter. The space probe MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) is in orbit around Mars since 10 March 2006. For ten years, the satellite has taken countless photographs of the planet in order to map the surface. NASA has decided to bring together the best in this short video.

The satellite MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) is part of the biggest having turned around Mars. With a total mass of two tons, it carries many instruments including a spectrometer, a radiometer, radar and the camera HiRise. These tools allowed many such capture stunning images visible in this video.

During these ten years, MRO has performed over 45,000 revolutions around the planet and likely participated in the observation of liquid water on its surface. The orbiter now allows identification of possible landing sites for a manned mission next important step in Mars exploration.

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An eagle hatched live and creates the sensation

A small bald eagle, the raptor of US symbol, hatched from his egg Friday in Washington, where a permanently deflected camera on the nest of his parents held spellbound viewers. Symbolically dubbed "Mr President" and "First Lady", the two majestic animals can be scanned 24 hours 24 on " Eaglecam " which received "more than two million views during the past months," said Julia Cecere , spokesperson of the NGO American Eagle Foundation (AEF).

These days, the craze has increased tenfold, she continues, with the egg-laying of two eggs, brooding and cracking of the shell decrypted minute by minute by Internet users gathered behind the hashtag #dceaglecam . Now all eyes are toward the second egg to which "we will be alert all weekend," warns the site, however, warned: "events like the rivalry between siblings, predators, and a disaster Nature can endanger the family of eagles and difficult to watch. "

An eagle hatched live and creates the sensation

After hatching and its batch of screenshots of the small ball of gray feathers, the flight of the baby eagle (also called "bald eagle") should be the next installment of this series worthy of reality TV. The cameras filming live animals, like bears in a natural park in Alaska or a baby panda at the zoo in Washington, are increasing in the United States to face the public's enthusiasm.

"Mr President" and "First Lady" were installed on top of a Virginia tulip tree in the arboretum Washington and raised successfully a first small spring 2015, before leaving for their annual migration. It was at that moment that the team of American Eagle Foudation took the opportunity to climb the tree and get almost a kilometer of fiber optic cables to install the cameras at 60 meters above the ground.

Both birds legs and bright yellow beak are the first to nest in the arboretum since 1947, according to the AEF. Their case was indeed virtually disappeared in the 1950s, due to the use of the pesticide DDT. The bald eagle was then declared endangered in 1967, before the DDT will be banned in 1972.

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Photo of Leonardo DiCaprio's childhood becomes viral and raises debate on feminism

A childhood image of Leonardo DiCaprio is sharing opinions on social networks. But the discussion of Internet users do not exactly have to do with the cuteness of the Oscar winner as a child. All eyes are on the mother of DiCaprio, Irmelin Indenbirken, and her underarm not shaved. Discussions on feminism are boiling on the web.

Photo of Leonardo DiCaprio's childhood becomes viral and raises debate on feminism

The photo shows Irmelin DiCaprio and George with the still small child and would have been taken in 1976. It was posted by the Facebook page History in Pictures (in Portuguese, History images) soon after Leo won dreamed Oscar for best actor for the film The rescue". Within days, the post already has more than 13 000 shares and Irmelin armpit dominates the comments.

"Why does your mother have to shave? All women have the under of their arm. This was a different time. That was normal. And women still do not have to shave for you feel good! There's nothing wrong with that but in its opinion irrelevant, "he argued one netizen.

Photo of Leonardo DiCaprio's childhood becomes viral

"That's not funny. I am of a generation that wants to" leave the breasts out, "but freak out when a woman does not shave her armpits. #feminismo," Posted another. Other users are posting photos of your armpits in defense of freedom.

"If it is not in your body, the decision is not her," wrote a netizen Meagan Gagnon. An internet user displays the armpits Netizen displays Photo underarms: Playback / Facebook "Hairy Armpits is normal. People are so ignorant," wrote Tia Jakkola in the own photo caption.

Friday, March 11, 2016

The ground breathes in Italy square

Video: Well bro this is so real weird. The soil breathes in a square in Italy The images are so amazing to be true. But they are in the square of La Spezia the ground breathe. The first thing you think when seeing the images is that it is a trick to get viral on Youtube. Either that, or paranormal phenomenon. But neither one nor the other.

The ground breathes in Italy square

The explanation for the strange phenomenon is in the drink. And is that when waves impacting heavily on the coast occurs pressure air below ground climbing loose cobble stones of the square. The City Council has placed fences to prevent an unnecessary scare the neighbors are worn.

Friday, March 4, 2016

People hear the trumpet noises coming from the sky? Not so sure bro!

Since publishing this article, other mysterious sounds (equally dubious) would have occurred in Morocco. Viral inspector was another article about it. Misery... even this? Viral inspector believed that news had died in 2012 or 2013. But now several media were still out on the "new" that people around the world hear mysterious trumpet noises coming from the sky, hundreds YouTube videos in support. We are told that this is a global phenomenon which some attribute to the end of the world (because of the mention of trumpet sounds in the Apocalypse of the Bible), or even to other aliens to test DARPA, the US agency for military research.

People hear the trumpet noises coming from the sky? Not so sure bro!

The most sensible explanation that gives us in these articles comes from NASA (well, another American agency!). The latter reportedly said at the Metro UK site (not to be confused with your favorite Montreal newspaper) that the sounds are due to radio frequency emissions from the Earth. "If humans had radio antennas instead of ears, we could hear all kinds of strange noises coming from our planet," said a NASA specialist.

But the inspector suspects that the journalist may have misunderstood the NASA representative, since it would explain nothing sounds that people hear say. Planets emit radio frequency well, but as our expert says NASA humans can not hear them directly. Anyway, for the inspector, the answer is so obvious, is it the only one to have grown up in a town where there is a railroad? kind of noises were taking place every day, and nobody caught (by notice against YouTube and even the Internet does not exist at the time, which betrays the age of the inspector and explains also the absence of the effect of spirit can have the legendary vidéo sharing site).

Consider some of the videos that are most often shown as proof of the existence of the phenomenon. You can then decide for yourself if there is something mysterious in this case (you can also listen to this video in English of White Christ that belies detail several videos circulating). First video: one, which is from Kiev, Ukraine, and which generated a little less than 4 million views:

Wow! It's weird! In another video published by the same person and filmed in the same place, she admits is meant "civic work" (cursed Google translator). They are therefore construction noise. Simple and effective way of explanation. A small comic took the soundtrack to this video and used it to make their own trumpet noise videos. Listen to the previous video from 2:18 and then listen to it, filmed in Texas and often cited as further evidence of the phenomenon:

It's the same sound track! So not only this video is a hoax, but it is also convincing evidence that being an actor is difficult. And that's not the only one. This video also filmed in Manitoba, uses the same soundtrack. You understand that the spirited effect mentioned by the inspector has influenced many people in search of attention and screenings, and pushed them to create hoaxes. This surely explains why there are so many videos. This is less the symphony announcing the Apocalypse and more a symptom of contemporary narcissistic culture.

Here is another one, filmed in the little town of Terrace, British Columbia in 2013 and has tongues wagging:

Even our CBC's colleagues have investigated. Their explanation: the city says that the noise was caused by a worker who affilait grader. The woman who shot the video does not. A surfer went Terrace filming near where the woman lives, and he also heard mysterious noises, but we see towards the end of the video the sound comes from a grader who is working to build a park to skateboard.

A French and a British arrested for taking naked selfies in Machu Picchu

Eric Xavier and Adam Burton, two European tourists visiting Peru, have been arrested by the police authorities of Machu Picchu after taking nude photos in one of the most emblematic ruins of South America. For some years, the Western tourists have established an unwritten rule challenge the heights and take naked pictures in Machu Picchu. The two Europeans, a Briton and a Frenchman, went Wednesday to the emblematic Peruvian ruins to show off on social networks without clothes.

A French and a British arrested for taking naked selfies in Machu Picchu

However, the pics show their face. A group of vigilantes Ministry of Culture caught them with 'hands in the dough'. Tourism police was responsible for these issues joined in the agricultural area of ​​the archaeological park to stop for "offenses against morality".

Specifically, Eric Xavier and Adam Burton decided to visit a path recently opened and was being finished off by some workers in the area, which could also lead to discover them.

Now, Young people between 23 and 28 years, respectively, face the local jurisdiction, which decided to classify these episodes as a crime because the vast majority of tourists had become "a habit , " according to police agents.